About Us

Taylor Publishing

In 1939, three brothers changed how yearbooks were created. The Taylor brothers brought all components of yearbook production under one roof and revolutionized yearbook production. Sixty years later, Taylor is once again changing the yearbook industry. In the coming months, you'll see a new commitment from Taylor - a realization that what is truly important to our customers is no different from what it was more than 60 years ago. Despite the advance of desktop publishing and digital imaging, the most important thing we provide is the Ultimate Yearbook Experience. From Customer Service to Technical Support and delivering a quality product at a fair price - we will simply be the best. That's the kind of company Bill Taylor built and it's what our customers deserve.

Please visit www.taylorpub.com if you would like more information about Taylor Publishing.

Smart-Pay - Student Benefits

Smart-Pay makes it easier than ever for you the student to order your yearbook. Now you can pay by credit card, or in some cases make multiple payments for your book. In addition, you'll receive reminders from us if you haven't yet ordered, when its getting close to your school's deadline. You'll also have access to all your school's information, from available options and prices, to adviser contact info and school addresses. So call us, mail us or get online and see how easy it is to order your yearbook through Smart-Pay.

Smart-Pay - Adviser/School Benefits

Taylor Publishing's Smart-Pay program provides a way to sell your yearbooks without the time investment of traditional yearbook sales campaigns. Yearbook advisers and staff deserve a great deal of credit for their tireless and creative efforts in producing a book of lasting memories. Having as many students as possible purchase the book gives credit where credit is due.

The Smart-Pay program handles the order taking and processing so you can spend your time producing the best yearbook ever. The program gets the word out by executing a professional mail and electronic marketing campaign just for you. No student misses the opportunity to order.

Smart-Pay processes the checks, money orders, and credit cards so you don't have to. We even offer a two-payment installment plan. Ordering is easy and convenient. All along the way Smart-Pay online is available to provide sales information to keep you informed of the yearbook selling progress.